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We thank each and everyone of our Lifetime Members - our Visionaries - for their support! 


A huge thank you to our Lifetime Visionaries. Your generous support has helped us make over $35,000 in gifts to the Town, residents, and visitors of Sunset Beach! 

Anita and Leon August

Mark and Janet Benton

Marcia Berry

John & Christine Black

Gordon and Ann Bokelman

Kate Bordeaux

Wanda and Christopher Brittin

Rich Cerrato

John and Carol Corbett

Jacqueline DeGroot and Family

Jeff and Darlene Elliott

Karen Fox

Maria Knapik and Tom Gaven

Carol Grace

Danny and Ann Hardy

Charles and Linda Hester

Karol Asbjornson and Richard Hilderman

Rick and Carol Humphrey

Greg and Ann Jensen

Kochuba Family

Tim and Penny Keyes

Pete and Jodi Larkin

Kim and Carolyn Loucks

David and June McPherson

Dave and Robin Murray

Charlie and Susan Nern

Denise Williams and Jamie Phillips

Carol and Pete Scott

Jimmie D. Spell

Randy and Sharon Thompson

Tom and JoAnn Vincenz

David and Lynn Walker

Bill and Melissa Warren

Ron and Adrienne Watts

Howard and Ellen West

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