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Inspiring the Sunset Beach community to preserve its present and create its future. 

Our History.

Sunset Beach’s former Mayor, Ron Watts was introduced to the concept of citizen-funded community projects at a presentation in 2014.  Ron and his wife Adrienne later brought together about a dozen Sunset Beach residents from different neighborhoods to see if there was interest in creating a community-based group to help recommend and promote projects that the local government might not be in the position to support for a variety of reasons.  Most of that initial group not only saw the value in the effort, but enthusiastically took the idea and started running.

The group was established in 2015 as Sunset Vision.  Some of the initial projects included bike racks, a birding informational kiosk, and a swing.

Our community is made unique by the different sectors that have fallen in love with it. Over 4,000 full-time residents call Sunset Beach home. There are almost 4,000 second home and rental home property owners that call Sunset Beach their part-time home and some have dreams of making our community their residence in the future. And we have thousands of visitors that look forward to making our community a part of their family vacation each year. One of Sunset Vision’s goals is to allow all three of these groups to support worthy ideas and projects that can help maintain and enhance the Sunset Beach that we all love. 

Our Mission.

We are a diversified group of citizens dedicated to providing stewardship, inspiration, innovation, collaboration and resources so Sunset Beach continues to be the ideal community in which to work, play and live.

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