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Honoring those who give of their time, talents, and passion to make Sunset Beach the wonderful Town and community that it is! 

Sunset Vision Visionaries.

A Sunset Beach Visionary is an individual in the community that contributes his or her time through volunteerism, personal and professional skills, and above all, a vision to make Sunset Beach an ideal place in which to work, live, and play. Meet our Honorees!

Frank Nesmith


 Sunset Vision honored Frank Nesmith at its first recognition dinner for notable contribution of self. He fought a ten year battle to save Bird Island from development, and thanks to him and many others, Bird Island is now preserved as part of the North Carolina Coastal Reserve. For over thirty four years Franks has also tended the Kindred Spirit mail box. A permanent resident in Sunset Beach since 1975, Frank is a true Sunset Visionary because he inspires us all to preserve our town’s present and create its future. 

Carmel Zetts


Sunset Vision honored the achievements of wildlife conservationist and Sea Turtle Watch Program coordinator, Carmel Zetts for the tremendous impact she’s made on the Sunset Beach and surrounding communities. Carmel and the other selfless volunteers she works with monitor turtle nesting and assist hatchlings as they attempt to reach the ocean. Her tireless commitment to preserving our natural coastal heritage as an advocate, educator, fundraiser, mentor, and leader makes her a true Visionary.

Dinah Gore


Sunset Vision honored Dinah E. Gore and her lifetime of philanthropy and community-mindedness, as well as her legacy as a prominent part of the family that put Sunset Beach on the map. Dinah’s business savvy, unwavering compassion and philanthropic work make her a true visionary. 

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