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Our Mission

What amenities, cultural, educational or business opportunities would fit into the Sunset Beach landscape? What do you think is needed to keep Sunset Beach the ideal community in which to work, play and live? We encourage all fellow citizens of Sunset Beach to share their project ideas that give back to the community

Helping the community of Sunset Beach preserve its present and create its future.

As part of our efforts to procure a commercial-grade bird and wildlife viewing binocular, Sunset Vision hosts its first nature and wildlife art show and sale June 22-24, with a fundraising reception on Friday, June 23rd at Triple D's Hemi Haven, a private vintage car showroom at 7011 Beach Drive, Ocean Isle Beach. 

For more information, and how to purchase tickets, visit our Events page here

  • Bike rack at Sunset Beach Town Park
  • Park bench at Sunset Beach Town Park
  • Southport swing at Sunset Beach Town Park
  • Bike rack at the bird walk at Shore Line Dr. West.
  • Wildlife educational kiosk at the bird walk.
  • Bike rack at the 40th Street beach access
  • Repainted the beach access markers 
  • Cleaned up historic grave site on Live Oak Rd.

Sunset Vision Group presents the first Sunset Beach Nature & Wildlife Art Show June 22-24, 2017

Thank you to the Brunswick County Endowment for the Arts & Education for their support of this show!

Featured Intiatives

Sunset Vision is a group of diverse, caring citizens who are working to enhance the Sunset Beach experience for residents and visitors alike. Our mission is to enrich the community by funding and maintaining amenities and features that promote nature, education, enjoyment, business, accessibility, and volunteerism in order to make the Sunset Beach experience more interactive and more rewarding.

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