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Art for All. All for Art

In art shows, themes connect the works collectively. They can feel stifling, boxing you in to something you aren’t feeling, or themes can help you narrow the scope and force you to rein in those ideas that have been winding out of control. In our past three shows we’ve had a specific theme, most often reflecting our coastal surroundings. But for our fourth annual Art Show & Sale, we’re stepping outside of the lines a bit.

All of us are drawn to art. Maybe not the same medium or style, but art engages our emotions, our inspirations, and our passions. For the 2020 Sunset Vision Art Show & Sale, we’re looking for art from all genres, with no specific theme, that moves us or challenges our notions of art. The great thing about this year’s theme, or lack thereof, is that it allows for a variety of interpretations. One artist may immediately think of a coastal landscape watercolor, while another might lean towards an abstract twist on a traditional subject. The only thing to remember is that Art for All. All for Art!

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