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Environmental turtle art sculpture installed at the Gazebo at Sunset Beach. "Sunset Shelly", as she was named, is a creative reminder for everyone to protect sea turtles by disposing of debris and trash before leaving the beach. 

Thanks to you, Sunset Vision was able to donate a commercial-grade binocular on the bird walk platform at Shoreline Drive West in Sunset Beach; one of Brunswick County’s best bird watching spots. Visitors to the platform can now get up close and personal with dozens of species of birds including Wood Storks, Black-crowned Night Herons, White Ibis, and Great Egrets. Not to mention the alligators and other wildlife often seen on the Twin Lakes.

The binocular is:

  • free to use (no coins needed).
  • accessible for children and those with disabilities.
  • high-powered optics to see 20x closer.
  • made from all-aluminum construction to help withstand the coastal environment.


Sunset Vision’s efforts have resulted in these other gifts to the town of Sunset Beach: 
3 bike racks, a park bench, a Southport swing, wildlife kiosk, beach Access Signs repainted, ​roadside litter clean up and  bi-annual beach access cleanups. 

With so many furry friends visiting the park on a daily basis, Sunset Vision purchased this stainless steel pet watering fountain installed at Sunset Beach Town Park.