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Enjoy Bird Watching? Help Us Make the Experience Even More Memorable.

Did you know that Sunset Beach is an official stop on the North Carolina Birding Trail? The beach and the barrier island boast spectacular viewing spots where you can see a variety of shorebirds, Common and Red-throated Loons, Horned Grebes, Gannets, Hooded and Red breasted Mergansers, and Brown Pelicans, to name a few. The Twin Lakes area on the main land also offers some of the most amazing wildlife experiences in Sunset Beach. From the Bird Walk viewing platform, located on the East Lake of the Twin Lakes on Shoreline Drive West (Hwy 179), you can see roosts of Wood Storks, Black-crowned Night Herons, White Ibis, Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Green Herons, Tundra Swans, Red Headed Woodpeckers, Summer Tanagers, and Orchard Orioles. Oh, and don’t forget the alligators sunning on the banks of the Lakes!

​If you’ve visited the platform lately, you probably noticed the information kiosk, donated by Sunset Vision members, which describes the various wildlife at the Lakes. 

​The Sunset Vision group would now like to donate a, commercial-grade binocular that has a 10x powered optic to allow bird watchers and nature enthusiasts to see birds and wildlife ten times closer, with a broad, panoramic view.

Please help us give this gift to the community, its residents, and our visitors by donating to the Binocular Fund so we can all make the Sunset Beach experience even more interactive and rewarding. Simply click the Donate button below. And remember, no gift is too small!

Click here to donate to our binocular fund

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